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"You Can not Teach Somebody, until they realise their untapped Power, the one who can help you get to that un-expected border, that is a Coach"



Bogumiła Reczek


"How to become a successful coach, and how to make money conducting training" more>>>

Training I know from fundamentals, beacuse I have trained many groups of professionals, from managers to employees, youth, unemployed people, in various places in Poland, at different levels of knowledge. The eBook presents my personal experience of many years of work.

Bogumiła Reczek


The eBook is dedicated mainly to beginners who want to start to train as a coach and for people who are wondering about becoming a trainer. This book is full of experience, not theory.

Practical examples included in this publication, definitely help when used in real-work situations, also help to save time and money.

By reading this eBook you could avoid a lot of stress and uncomfortable situations at work, you could go easily without fear to a new occupation.

Investment in your future is the BEST DECISION... more>>>



"The company Dobry eBook which has been specializing in promotion of electronic books for many years, is grateful to Ms. Reczek for creating the publication entitled How to become a successful coach, and how to make money conducting training, which deserves special distinction.

The contents presented in a brief, precise and interesting way, created a publication which became one of the best-selling books in a history of the company (...)

In the future, we will reckon on the next edition and we believe that exchanging of the trainings experience will bring many measurable benefits to our readers and the participants of trainings."

Mirosław Kielar, owner

... eBook

"The professions of the future, all true about revolution on labour market, new specialisations and professions" more>>>


This ebook is adressed to everybody who is interested in labour market in Poland, expecially to people who have dilemma about their career or plan to choice a profession in the close future.

I show my own interpretation of the reality and give facts which will influence on the shape of the professional market.

I show difficult issues by simple language. I am sure, that by reading this advice book all readers will gain more clear point of view about their future and get informations which use for developing their career. more>>>

Bogumiła Reczek



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