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02. Ebook

"You Can not Teach Somebody, until they realise their untapped Power, the one who can help you get to that un-expected border, that is a Coach"



Bogumiła Reczek

I have been working on distance learning (e-learning) since 2004. My main areas of interest are: creating online course content, methodology, didactics and efficiency of e-teaching. Most of my time I spent on a moodle platform.

E-learning for everyone !

E-learning is a technique of learning using mobile technology. Nowadays work is simplyfied by using mobiles, computers, headphones, and in the same way for educational aims, these can all be used to improve the process of communication technology and increase learning ability.

Until recently e-learning was used as alternative to a traditional form of teaching, especially for people who have never had a chance to avail of face to face education. Nowadays e-learning isn't just dedicated to a special group of people (sick, disabled, people who live in remote areas), but entire societies, regardless of level of knowlegde, money, or a place of residence. Distance learning has become common.

Without doubt we can create online courses (in principle) on every subject. A huge advantage of electronic teaching for the course creators, is the possibility of quick feedback to ensure improvements in future versions.

Comparing publishing of eBook to traditional book. E-book edition takes a lot less time. In realation to organization of a course, easier to update online training than traditional training. From this point of view effectiveness of distance learning is greater than "face to face" training.

For online courses participants, an advantage is that, regardless of place of residence (increasing migration of people!) they can continue learning. At any time they can discontinue and at any time come back to gain knowlegde (only some technical limitations exist). At each stage the results of the learning process for online couses are checked, and as long as you get a positive result, you pass that section of the course.

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