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"You Can not Teach Somebody, until they realise their untapped Power, the one who can help you get to that un-expected border, that is a Coach"



Bogumiła Reczek

I have been engaged in coaching nearly as long as in teaching and training. I concentrate mainly on life, relationship and career coaching.

Form of Coaching in the context of E-training

In English the equivalent of a trainer is a coach. In Polish a coach and a trainer there are two different occupations. Coaching is long-term personalized training oriented for achievement of a special goal (more detailed than in the case of training). Training is short-term (1 day, week, month, courses rarely last for 6 months or 1 year), coaching lasts much longer, and each session is the next step forward in the process of problem solving. Coaching is different from training:

  • more individual approach to each client
  • designed towards more specific aims
  • bilateral interaction
  • longer duration
  • immediate response to the people's needs
Coaching can be shared because of the subject involved. There are 2 main areas - private and professional life (for example: business objectives - earnings). Coaching can be not only in a traditional form "face to face", more often to a contact with a client involves using mobile technology. Hence nowdays coaching takes the forms:
  • mobile-coaching
  • eCoaching
  • tele-coaching
  • "face to face".

Mobile coaching involves phone contact with a client (calls). This form is particulary important in case of contact with busy clients.

eCoaching this is typical online session over the Internet by using e-mail.

Tele-coaching is a combination of vision and voice, session takes place by bilateral concurrent communication.

"Face to face" this is the oldest type of coaching and also the most common in Poland, that is a coach personally meeting with a client.

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